Mahaveer Building Material Company is the first choice for Individual House Builders, Organisations and Projects for fulfilling their demands for Structural Steel and construction Steel. We deal in all types of structural steels which include Ms Pipes ( Round and Square), Ms L Angles, Ms C Channels / ISMC, Ms I Beams / ISMB, Ms Plates, Chequered Plates, Ms Bars, Iron Rods etc. We are channel partners for Tata Steel and have ties ups with leading Primary / Main and Secondary Steel Producers in India. We maintain more than 100 Metric Tonnes of Tmt Steel stock in our Uruli Kanchan Yard so that we can fulfil your construction steel requirements ranging from 100Kg to 100MT readily available for immediate delivery.

Binding Wire and Strands Brands

Tata Binding Wire

The features of Tata Wiron Binding Wire are:
Consistent diameter,
Unmatched ductility and strength,
Hallmark of Tata quality,
Softness: Easy to use,
Unique & secure packaging with ease of handling,
Higher length per kg, thus can tie more joints,
Quicker tying, saves time.

We deliver in the range of 16, 18, 20, 22 & 23 in SWG (1.63, 1.22, 0.91, 0.71 & 0.61 in mm).
The coil weight consists of 26Kg and 30Kg packs (Pack in Pack (PIP))- 6 units of 5Kg packs

Wardhaman Binding Wire
Looking of for the exclusive variety of the binding wire? Then we are the right place where one can get a massive mélange of the binding wire such as steel binding wire, binding coil wire and list goes on. We are the right destination wherein your search ends for the qualitative as well as quantitative binding wire. Binding wire has found different practices in different sectors. Moreover we are simply unmatched for our quality binding wires. So access one of the selected ranges of binding wires at most pocket friendly prices. In addition to this, we are one of the eminent binding coil wire manufacturers and suppliers in India.
Tata Bare PC Strands

Pre-stressed steel strand, when stressed and embedded in concrete, loses the applied stress exponentially as time passes. The loss of stress is one of the important factors in the design of pre-stressed concrete structures. TATA Wiron PC Strands are treated by the stabilisation process, which is the most widely accepted method throughout the world.
Bare PC Strands are used in pre-stressing of concrete for construction of various types of structures (road, river & railway bridges and flyovers, atomic reactor domes, slabs, silos, hangers, aqueducts, high-rise buildings, viaducts and railway sleepers).
• Brings down the amount of steel required by 10%.
• Reduces project cost by decreasing the number of anchorages, sheathings, wedges and labour.
• Lowers the concrete requirement due to reduced size of structural members.
• Eliminates the necessity of extra post straightening treatment with thermo-mechanical processing.


Tata has established a manufacturing facility capable of producing wax filled & extruded PE coated PC Strands for cable stay bridge application and also Unbonded grease filled PE coated PC Strands for PT slabs in building segment. The use of PE coated low relaxation PC strands is well established in developed countries. However, it’s use in India was restricted till today due to non-availability of strands.
• Cable Stay Bridge • PT slabs
• These products are manufactured to comply with the requirements of the (American) Post Tensioning Institute – PTI, using Bare Strand manufactured using high quality steel with state-of-art drawing & stranding facilities.

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