Polycarbonate Standing Seam Panels, Polycrbonate Corrugated Profiles, Ploycarbonate Flat Sheets and Roofing Solutions..

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TMT Steel

We are Exclusive Dealers for Tata Tiscon FE 500 D TMT Steel. Tata Tiscon is the perfect rebar for your construction requirements.

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Roofing Sheets

Tata Shaktee Corrugated Sheets and Durashine Colour Coated Sheets.. the complete solution for your roofing needs.

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RO & Water Softner

Guiness Record Holder, RO & Water Softner units company from Australia, AQUIONICS. Authorised Distributor.

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We have been working with Market Leaders in the Cement Industry to make sure your home lasts for ever.

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PVC Sheets with Active Antimicrobial Action
Manufacturer & Exporter of PVC Sheets with Active Antimicrobial Action. Our product range also comprises of Corrugated Sheets, Panel Systems and Flat Sheets.


PVC Sheets with Active Antimicrobial Action

Item Code: HYG-Technology

Innovative HYG technology has set a new standard in hygienic cladding by offering active antimicrobial cladding with low maintenance requirements. PALOPAQUE HYG has either killed or inhibited growth of all pathogens tested to date. As silver ions are uniformly distributed throughout the sheet, scratched or damaged surfaces will be equally effective. Overall maintenance costs can be reduced even further since PALOPAQUE HYG requires less concentrated and more economical cleaning agents in comparison with standard cladding.


Main Benefits:

• Active antimicrobial protection: Kills microbes
• Available as complete HYG cladding system
• Long lasting antimicrobial effect
• Biocidal capabilities proven by independent tests
• Added to benefits of rigid PVC
• Formable: HYG properties are maintained after processing

Typical Applications:

• Wall cladding
• Advertising and signage
• Chemical process industries
• Sterile surfaces in laboratories
• Clinics and hospitals
• Food industry
• Air vents


Construction Articles
Regular 6mm is actually 7mm in size, has no grade, does not have any ribs and random sized. Tata Tiscon 6mm is TMT steel with Fe 500 D standards and fixed 40ft length. Considering the wastage and weight average, 25% less steel is required if Tata Tiscon 6mm steel is used. For example, if your requirement of 6mm is 100Mt, your requirement may be fulfilled by purchasing only 75MT of Tata Tiscon 6mm steel. Using Tata Tiscon 6mm in place of 8mm for rings gives the same strength to your structure with a huge cost saving.

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